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What Shapewear Goes with What – A Guide to Making your Selection

With the new year in full effect, it’s undoubtedly time to whip out the oversized sweaters, yoga pants and baggy sweatpants. We think we can all agree that the fall aesthetic is best characterized as comfort with style. However, reaching the perfect balance of comfort and style is not always the easiest thing. Whether it’s a sweater that fits just a little bit off or yoga pants that don’t show off your best features we know we’re tired of sacrificing comfort to look just a little bit more stylish. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to use your shapewear to put the power back in your hands. If you’re not sure what shapewear to wear under your favorite fall outfits, here are some things to consider.


Shapewear for Leggings, Yoga Pants & Other Tight Pants

Nothing says fall like leggings and yoga pants. Whether you’re rocking a sportier yoga pant or just comfortable leggings for the day, there’s no question that finding the perfect fit isn’t always easy. When it comes to leggings, it always seems like there’s some sort of give or take. While some are great for showing off the natural curve of your hips, they may not give your legs enough spotlight. For leggings or pants with a tighter fit, shapewear that is seamless and high-waisted allows you to avoid any unwanted panty lines while also creating a firmer look in your midsection.

However, if high-waisted isn’t your cup of tea, trying out anti-cellulite low-ride shapewear may be the best fit for you. This innovative fit is designed to minimize not only the look of cellulite but also the effects of cellulite as well. It’s the best shapewear for tummy and waist control, and those looking for a slight boost in the hips and thighs will love the anti-cellulite fabric that’s infused with bio-crystals that work to fight cellulite while you strut!

Shapewear for Off-the-Shoulder Tops & Sweaters

One of the best parts about fall is that it’s not too cold for a classic off-the-shoulder sweater or strapless long-sleeve! These staple pieces of fall fashion are great twist on the classic, comfy sweater. With these pieces, strapless shapewear is perfect for giving you that comfortable chest support without the pesky bra lines. Made to reduce back bulges and shaped for comfort, strapless shapewear tops are the go-to for off-the-shoulder sweater pieces. For those who aren’t a fan of the bare shoulder but love the look of the off-the-shoulder, pairing cami shapewear or a tank shapewear top or sports bra is perfect for giving you the coverage you’re looking for!

Shapewear for Sweaters & Long-Sleeve Tops

When sporting the classic fall sweater, it can be hard to show off your natural figure. However, who says that your body can’t shine under a thick-knit sweater? If you’re a big fan of the sweater, pairing your favorite knit or long sleeve top with seamless V-neck shapewear or a long-sleeve shapewear top can make all the difference! Not only do they protect you from the infamous “itchy sweater” syndrome, but they can also help tone your chest, shoulders and arms. A comfy, effortless undergarment that lays a smooth foundation under your top can help elevate your comfy sweater look easily.

Shapewear for Dresses

If you’re an avid dress wearer in the fall, strapless slip shapewear or cami slip shapewear is perfect for giving you that all-in-one control that you’re looking for. With a built-in seamless bra for chest support, an all-around bulge-eliminating tuck and support for boosting your hips and thighs, you’ll get 360 support in one comfy shapewear piece. The great part about these shapewear options is that they double as dress slips that can be used to create an extra layer of protection under your favorite fall dresses!

Shapewear for Fitness

It may be fall, but we all know that fitness is a year-round effort. When it comes to amplifying your fitness outfit, comfort and support are more important than ever. Your shapewear should provide support in all the right places while also providing a breathable, sweat-proof armor. For your fitness shapewear, choose a seamless, racerback sports bra for the perfect fit. The racerback straps allow you to work out without worrying about straps slipping off your shoulders, while the interior bra shell gives you the chest support and boost you need.

Whether you’re looking for comfort, control or just all-around security in your own skin, shapewear is designed to put the power back into your hands. While everyone rocks a different body type, we all deserve to feel happy in our own skin. While some may be looking for just a protective extra layer under their clothes or a little support, there’s never any shame in getting a little extra boost, support or tuck to elevate a favorite outfit!