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N-fini Aha Moment® Anti-cellulite Shapers

Our Aha Moment® Shapewear acts as a comfortable second skin that smoothes, forms, and firms your body. Each garment is carefully constructed to shape naturally, making you look sensational while minimizing the effects of cellulite. Aha Moment garments work beyond body-enhancing fashion aesthetics to deliver superior function and spectacular confidence.

Superior Quality Aha Moment Anti-Cellulite Shapewear Low Rise Capri Tone & Contour with Our Anti-Cellulite Boy Short Shapewear (2) Slimming Shaper shorts with lace trim. Sizes S/M to 3X/4X
Anti-cellulite Shapewear Capri controls tummy area and enhances hips and thighs. Anti-cellulite fabric construction make our low rise capri a fan favorite Our boy short, not only lets you say goodbye to panty lines, it also helps fight cellulite. The secret lies in our innovative fabric that is embedded with bio-crystals designed to encourage energy stimulation resulting in a metabolism boost.
Anti-cellulite Shapewear high rise short controls tummy area and enhances hips and thighs.
Superior Anti-Cellulite Shapewear High Rise Capri by Aha Moment Aha Moment Anti-Cellulite Low Rise Shapewear Shorts With Lace Trim The garment moves with you while the bio-crystals help increase the metabolism of your skin's cells to improve the oxygen supply at the surface level to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Wearing our high rise capri over time helps minimize the appearance of cellulite. Anti-cellulite Shapewear short controls tummy area and enhances hips and thighs. Aha Moment Anti-cellulite legging is made of smart fabric designed to encourage energy stimulation. This physical reaction helps boosted cellular metabolism and increases microcirculation
The Science of Anti-cellulite Shapewear

At the heart of Aha Moment Shapewear garments is a textile that encourages energy stimulation. Imagine comfortable, flattering shapewear that gives your metabolism a boost! It’s possible when luxury meets science: an innovative fabric with a one-of-a-kind design that creates visible results. The fabric’s embedded formula works to convert the body’s naturally radiating thermo energy into far infrared rays (FIR).

Our sumptuous shapewear fabric is specially engineered to reflect those FIR rays back to the skin, delivering a gentle stimulation. This physical reaction helps to promote blood circulation, increase oxygen levels, and boost cellular metabolism. Aha Moment Shapewear garments are not only pretty and feminine -- they’re made of smart fabric that works to bring a new vitality and purpose to luxurious shapewear and your wardrobe!