Look Your Best in Your Party Dress

The holiday season can be a tough time to stay in shape and feel your best. Between a busy work schedule, trying to squeeze in more work so you can take that extra day off and irresistible holiday meals, it can feel like everything is rooting against your “best body.” Not to mention, the holiday season is arguably the time of the year that you will most often find yourself dressing up and going out to holiday parties, to family events and on New Year’s Eve. The question you might find yourself asking is: Is it possible to look good, feel good and celebrate without constraints during the holiday season? And the answer is YES! At N-Fini, we believe that your body is always beautiful, but there are certainly measures you can take to make sure your clothes look better! Follow along to find out our top tricks to look slimmer at holiday parties and throughout the year.

1. Wear Properly Fitted Undergarments

Sometimes our bodies change during the wintertime or summertime, and that’s okay! Even if you stay on the same fitness schedule all year round, there are other areas of your life that differ during winter vs. summer (leisure activities, food variety, etc.) and can cause your body to change. However, trying to squeeze into your summertime undergear during winter can be painful, discouraging and not exactly flattering. It’s worth the few extra dollars to invest in some comfortably fitting undergarments during the wintertime or summertime if necessary. Wearing undergarments that fit you well can eliminate bulges and bumps, making sure your clothes accentuate the appearance of a slimmer, smoother you! Need some help finding the right size? Check out our measuring guide! Pro tip: If you’ve decided you’re in the market for some new underwear this winter, we recommended smoothing Aha! Moment shapewear underwear as the best underwear for dresses.

2. Wear Dark Colors

If you’re wondering how to dress to look slimmer, follow this easy rule, especially during the wintertime when dark and moody hues perfectly fit into the cold-weather vibe! Keep in mind that during the daylight, wearing dark colors won’t turn you into a different person. However, wearing darker, solid colors in dim light can make you look smaller and smoother. This reasoning behind this is twofold. On one hand, darker objects are historically perceived as slightly smaller by the human eye. The second reason is that lighting cues are responsible for bumps and bulges that the human eye can detect, and wearing black reduces those lighting cues. For a slimming undergarment to wear under dark-colored dresses, we recommend a black slip!

3. Invest in Comfortable Shapewear

When considering what to wear under a dress to look slimmer, it’s rather widely known that shapewear can provide the type of enhancements that you are looking for; however, people don’t often think about what highly constricting shapewear can do to your confidence. That’s why we always recommend purchasing shapewear that is designed to smooth out any lines rather than squeeze you in. Smooth a lumpy butt in a dress or get rid of lines and imperfections, but be comfortable while doing it! For the winter months when you want to be able to eat, drink and be merry while looking good, opt for shapewear that is designed for slimming looks AND comfort.

4. Drink Lots of Water

You’ve heard it once and you’ll hear it again: Drinking ample water is so good for you! Among its many health benefits that you can learn about from your trusted healthcare provider, drinking lots of water can also help you look and feel slimmer. Drinking lots of water means that your body will not need to retain as much fluid, which in turn decreases bloating. Pay extra attention during the week of your party to ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of water so that your body can process fluids in a healthy way.

5. Choose the Right Dress Style

There are certain styles of dress that are inherently slimming and for different reasons. Depending on which areas you are trying to enhance, you might try one of the following dress styles:

v-neck illustration

  • V-neck dresses for women are excellent for women trying to enhance the midsection because they draw the eye higher on the body. Check out our V-neck shapewear!

nude dress illustration

  • Dresses that cinch at the waist are great for women looking to draw attention away from the lower half of their body.
  • Strategically placed color-block dresses can give the appearance of an hourglass shape, which is great for women looking to enhance their waist.
  • Layer sheer black tights under your dress to lengthen your legs.
  • Bonus tip: Shoes that match your skin tone will lengthen your legs for days!

Don’t sacrifice a you regular life just to look good at a party when you can have both! Feel confident, happy and free with our tips on looking your best in your party dress.