Choosing the right shapewear can be tedious. This blog aims to help curvy girls find plus size bodysuit shapewear and ultimately regain their confidence. In the shapewear industry, a figure of more than 18 is called plus size. The standard range of plus-sized shapewear dresses makes up to a size of 18. A very few shapewear distributors offer women’s shapewear over this size, like N-fini. When you shop at N-fini for plus-size shapewear styles, you open the doors to smooth and slim different parts of the body.

Our plus-size shapewear styles ensure three things: smooth, stay up and stay put. Our Tru-Plus shapewear styles are well-thought-out to fit full-figured women’s needs and much more than that. Our fabric provides exact support for the legs, thighs, and buttocks while smoothing the stomach, torso, arms and back.

Today, what you wear under your clothes defines your outerwear, so your foundation- aka shapewear- is your ensemble’s first and foremost priority: dress slacks, wedding gowns, bodycon dresses and skirts, etc. But more, it is necessary to know what to look for when shopping for shapewear. Do you need to tune-up, to put a cinch to your waist, or do you want to build curves? Easing up, below the different shapewear types:

Full-Length Shapewear

Full-length shapewear is usually the best way to down past calves and is best suited for wearing maxi dresses. Note that the shaper’s elasticity varies between brands. If you only want to be smooth, then your shaper does not need to be as firm, but if you are going to keep it smooth as well as cinch the waste, then be sure the shaper is firm and not fragile. If it’s even a bit flimsy, it won’t give you the hold you want.

Tummy Control Shapewear

Tummy shapewear is excellent if you want to add extra curves around your bottom while giving a slender mid-section illusion. They are available in either waistband that goes around the tummy or control top slippers that fit your stomach more snugly. Going with a high waist shaper prevents the ‘oh so terrible’ silly top, and you realize that the tummy goes in, the booty will expose more! Be careful where seams are, and if you don’t want indentations or crochets through your clothing, have a shaper that has no hooks, boning, or zips.

Mid Length Shapewear

Medium-length shapers are fantastic to give you a smooth look at these pesky line areas and are particularly good for hiding visible panty lines and seams. These shapers have lengths, like the mid-length fitting into the knee, and usually come underneath the busts. These are sometimes known as high waist panties. They are usually a preferable option when wearing mid-length skirts/dresses.

The Tank/Camisole

Layer this one-piece up for the winter season when you want the top fit. The shaper tanks and camisoles smooth out the lines of the bra and can nip the waist; sometimes control the tummy, from what we have tested. Rarely, these tanks come with bra cutouts to rock your bra. Nevertheless, these camis are designed to give the girls an additional lift.

The Waist Cincher

Consider this the shapers of the Spanx “Higher Power.” This high-waist shapewear comes under the bust, tighten the waist, and smooth the thigh. There are different types to match your coverage, support or function, while there are classic skirts.

The All In One Shaper

 Just as it sounds, this piece of shape hits the lower tummy right under the bra. This piece snapped the waist like none other, with a hook and an eye closure for some. Because of its control level, I could not rock it longer than a few hours, but it’ll do its job.

Go through the guide to choose plus size bodysuit shapewear for yourself! Stay in touch for more tips.