Classic Collection

Our stunning Classic Collection offers shapewear that can be worn under every garment in your closet. Aha Moment® by n-fini shape has crafted sumptuous pieces in 18 different styles that smooth onto your body and smooth out the imperfections.

Each piece is meticulously designed to be luxurious and comfortable and to target exactly the part of the body that needs to be minimized or enhanced. We use only the finest microfiber luxury nylon yarns and specially engineered LYCRA® fiber. No matter your body type or the style of your outfit, these sensuously soft fabrics slip on easily but pinpoint the zones that need control. You can move all day and dance all night with a flexible foundation that makes your clothes fit as they should and makes you forget you’re wearing anything but a great look.

Our exclusive back diamond shape support creates a balance so the shapewear adjusts gently to adapt to a woman’s natural figure. This is the support that you want every day in what you wear every day. Our shapewear solutions sustain you in everything from scoop neck blouses to halter top fashions and from high-waisted shorts to capris. Every undergarment is gloriously seamless and the built-in bras are available both with and without underwire. Whatever your needs, our Classic Collection shapewear makes you feel luxuriously comfortable and effortlessly beautiful.

LYCRA® fiber is a registered trademark of The LYCRA Company.