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The right shapewear for your body type:

Shapewear needs to contour, but it also needs to fit superbly to be effective. At n-fini shape we pay particular attention to plus sizes by creating exclusive fabric on specially designed machines to produce the larger sizes. Instead of just a larger piece of fabric created on a standard machine, our Tru-Plus intimates are created on specialized equipment that creates a wider garment that is completely seamless. Typical plus-size shapewear can make you feel compacted and uncomfortable. But our n-fini shape Tru-Plus shapewear is absolutely distinctive in the fit and function that is tailored to plus-size needs.

The targeted strength reduces the size of the overall garment but makes it easier to slip on. The fit is natural. The shapewear is firm where it needs to be firm and loose where it needs to be loose. With no binding hems or unsightly labels, n-fini shape has designed a second skin that makes a shapely statement. You’ll be fabulous! Shop shapewear now