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Everyone is talking about shapewear and quality brands sold by n-fini. From local media near our headquarters and factory in Tampa Bay, Florida, to nationwide magazines and department stores, our body shapers, contemporary products, and incomparable customer service have received unanimous rave reviews.

The following are some examples of the excitement and interest inspired by our products and body shapers. For more information about n-fini, call (727) 547-9660, e-mail, or go to our buy Shapewear.

NATIONAL PRESS March 13, 2010 N-fini featured in AOL Stylelist’s Spring Shapewear. Grab a ten-pound weight. Using both hands, raise and lower the weight behind your head, while keeping your elbows firm for 20 reps….or, nevermind! This V-neck top made of microfiber and spandex will make you look as if you’ve done three sets of tricep dips… more  Click on slideshow page 5.


The Washington Post says of N-fini sports bra: “Seamless construction equals extra comfort during sweaty workouts. Straps also hide well under street clothing, so you actually could wear one of these all day. And you just might want to.” February 5, 2010 “I tested the Cami Dress Shaper at a cocktail party and it didn’t roll up once. It’s a miracle of science! It took at least five pounds off my body in minutes and I felt like I was wearing a pair of pjs”….read more

____________________________________________ January 18, 2010 The idea of wearing a special slimming undergarment might remind you of those horribly uncomfortable-looking for bustier dresses that Keira Knightley wore in all of her famous period piece movies, but modern shapewear has become an absolute wardrobe necessityread more


The Capitol Fashionista January 15, 2010 On January 16th, The Capitol Fashionista will turn One. Yeah for me. I started this blog out of my love, no, my obsession with fashion and all things fashion-related….read more

____________________________________________ January 12, 2010 In the quest for the perfect sports bra… we’re always coming up empty. This is why Bailey (editor-and-chief of Makeover Momma) was thrilled to get to try the new sports bra from N-Fini Shape (despite a life-long hatred of athletic bras). Here is what she thought….read more

____________________________________________ January 11, 2010 Ladies, ditch those ugly sports bras and choose n-fini’s Seamless Sports Bras instead. The smoothing, double-layered bras are made from an ultra-soft nylon/lycra blend, featuring a seamless, racerback design….read more


The Indianapolis Star (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file) January 10, 2010 One of the hardest places to shape is the upper arm area. N-Fini Shape’s V-neck shirt trims upper arms and….read more (web link)


n-fini Shapewear now at Saks! The Lingerie Post September 22, 2008 One short year after its inception, a shapewear sensation has Saks Fifth Avenue smiling. With its seamless technology and one-of-a-kind knitting patterns, n-fini shape (named for the line’s infinite shaping options) has made quite an impression one of the country’s most influential retailers…read more


WWDMAGIC, a supplement to Women’s World Daily (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file) August 2008, Spring Camisoles are also a strong seller at N-Fini, the Largo, Fla.-based shapewear company whose most popular style is a “cami shaper bra,” a torso-trimming stretch microfiber tank top with adjustable straps and a bra knitted into it. “It’s easy to wear with everything….page 26 (Adobe Acrobat.pdf file)


Seamless Coverage Intimate Apparel Business May/June 2008

In our quest to look slim and well-proportioned, we’ve probably tried a dozen brands of knee- length shaping shorts – those that come in a box at a drugstore, off the rack at Macy’s, and, on the advice of a saleswoman at Nordstrom, we’ve bought Spanx a size too small for extra shaping under dresses for special occasions. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to find our perfect garment. The knees roll up, the waist rolls down, the legs pinch, and they’re often stiflingly hot. So it was with some trepidation that our senior sections editor, Wendy Felton, tried n-fini’s lightweight shorts under a linen skirt. While the shaping power was not as pronounced as with heavier fabrications, n-fini’s version was truly comfortable to wear. “On my short frame (I’m 5’1”), the shorts easily covered my hips, thighs, and tummy,” Wendy said. “Best of all, nothing rolled! It was a relief to stand up after an hour in the hairstylist’s chair to find that my shapewear was still in place and not in a roll around my waist (which, you know gives the exact opposite effect that shapewear should have!). I’ll definitely be wearing n-fini’s shorts again.”


Your Style: Tips from Personal Stylist Amy Howard Casual Living Spring II 2008

Flattering style starts with a strong foundation.

Summer’s on its way, bringing lighter weight fabrics that fit closer to the body. No worries. We have the solution. No matter your shape or size, the Casual Living secret is a shaper from n-fini™. The shaper camisole lifts and supports the bust while smoothing and slimming tummy and back. The shaper shorts slim and smooth hips and thighs. The n-fini™ shaper camisole is the secret when wearing clingy knit fashions, (like those on this page and on page 40) or flattering knit tops (see page 19 or page 33).

The n-fini™ shaper short will give a sleek look to stylish pant sets on pages 25 or 31. Our fabulous skirts will also look WOW! With a little help from the shaper short. Take a look at the fun styles on pages 32 and 46.

Looking great has never been so easy and comfortable. n-fini™ shapers can be “our little secret” to looking slim and fabulous in today’s fashions.


A Tampa Bay Area company uses the latest technology to innovate the best designs in shapewear (video) Good Day Tampa Bay on FOX13 October 20, 2008

Meet Martha Istefanidis: N-fini™ Shape Creator & Owner International Academy of Design & Technology – The Academy • Tampa, FL Student Profiles