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– “I have to say that I noticed right away the difference in quality with this product. It is evident that it is a step above the rest.” Beth – Richmond, VA

– “Since returning to Portland I have fallen in love with your product, my n-fini shape cami is my most favorite item in my wardrobe at present!” Thank you, Suzanne – Portland, WA

– “I just wanted to thank you for providing such fine shapewear for large women like me. I bought your shapewear for my son’s wedding and it made my dresses look wonderful!”

– “I searched all over the Internet for plus-size shapewear that would be easy to wear and comfortable and was very pleased to find your site. These garments are worth every penny, particularly for special occasions, and are extremely comfortable.Thank you again for making such fine products!” Pat – Woodbridge, NJ

– “I actually received the product and I am obsessed! I personally tried everything on and the strapless “dress” blew me away. Thanks!” Mitzi – Palm Beach, FL

– “Best of all, nothing rolled! It was a relief to stand up after an hour in the hairstylist’s chair to find that my shapewear was still in place and not in a roll around my waist (which, you know gives the exact opposite effect that shapewear should have!). I’ll definitely be wearing n-fini’s shorts again.” Wendy – Chatsworth, CA

– “The first item I tried on was the Double V-neck Tank. It has quickly become one of my favorite items in my closet and I will admit, I wear it every chance I get! This is definitely the best piece of shapewear I have ever owned! I love that it does an excellent job of holding everything and leaves a smooth contour (including the elimination of my back fat) while still feeling incredibly comfortable. My top 3 favorite features of this item are, it’s all day wear support and comfort, it’s anti-curl comfort hem, and it’s non digging wide shoulder. One thing that makes this shapewear unique from all others is that it prevents the Uni-boob that most shapewear creates. N-fini Shape’s unique design allows for more stretch in the breast area, which leaves you looking natural and feeling comfortable.” Ilissa Huhta – Everythingupclose – Winnipeg, Canada

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