How to Slim Back Fat with N-Fini™ Shapewear

Regardless of your weight or fitness level, or whether you wear a size small or XXL, it’s perfectly natural to carry a little fat on your back. Unfortunately, even a couple ounces of back fat can seem like a lot when you’re wearing a fitted top or tight dress. Perhaps you’ve wondered how to lose back fat (as we all have), but science has shown us that you can’t lose fat in just one part of your body. Therefore, if you want to know how to lose back fat, you’ll probably be told to follow a standard reduced calorie diet and exercise plan.


At N-Fini shape, we’ve shown thousands of women how to lose back fat by wearing our engineered design shapewear. Once you slip into our shapewear, you’ll find that the back fat you thought you had was not back fat at all, but was simply the result of a bra or other undergarment pushing your skin in all the wrong places.

From small to 4X and 0-30, our shapewear, XXL shapewear, and plus size shapewear will get rid of back fat and give you the smooth, sexy curves you’ve always wanted under your dresses, slacks, shirts, and sweaters. Shapewear bodysuits by n-fini shape are particularly beneficial for those who want to learn how to lose back fat because these one-piece garments provide bra support, flatten your tummy, and round out your bottom all at once. Essentially, our shapewear bodysuits eliminate the problem of a bra or panties squeezing rolls and bumps into your back.

With shapewear bottoms, camisoles, dresses, bodysuits, seamless bras and plus size shapewear to choose from, we hope to be your one-stop-shop for looking fabulous.