Slimming Shorts, Capris, and Leggings from
n-fini shape

No matter how many hours you devote to the treadmill in the battle of the thighs, your legs may still have evidence of lumpy, bumpy cellulite. For many of us, this dimply skin will never go away completely, but n-fini shape has created slimming shorts, capris, and leggings to help you firm and tone the appearance of your legs, from top to bottom.

Especially important under today’s tight skirts, slacks, and jeans, our slimming shorts, capris, and leggings are able to smooth and define your lower body without binding you, cutting into you, or restricting your range of motion. Here are some more reasons why n-fini shape’s slimming shorts, capris, and slimming pants should become part of your daily wardrobe:

• Available in high-rise high waist
• Slimming shorts, capris, & leggings don’t cut you at your thigh, knee, or calf
Flatten your tummy
• Bottom lift
• Hip shaping
• Smooth torso
• Engineered slimming action in specific areas (tummy, thighs, etc.) while shaping you everywhere else
• Anti-curl waist and leg bottoms stay in place for as long as you wear them
• Leggings can be worn alone or as an undergarment
• Size Small to 4X or 0-30
• Quick hand-wash and dry
• 100% made in the USA

Be trim and lean with n-fini shape’s slimming shorts, capris, and leggings. Not only will our body slimming undergarments help you reduce inches, but you’ll eliminate those annoying panty lines and waistband rolls. And remember, all n-fini shape products are comfortable enough for all-day and all-evening wear.

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