Women’s Shapewear from n-fini™ shape

Today, women’s shapewear is the modern term for undergarments that give women a smooth, sleek appearance when wearing any type of clothing, from dresses to slacks and skirts to blouses. Thanks to contemporary fabrics and cutting-edge fashion design, women’s shapewear from n-fini™ shape is comfortable, effective, and available for all shapes and sizes.

Unlike the corsets and girdles of the past, womens shapewear from n-fini shape is made with light, breathable fabric that’s easy to wash and wear. Designed and manufactured entirely in the USA, n-fini shape’s women’s shapewear takes advantage of the latest in tailoring technology, so all you have to do is put it on and go. Today’s busy and discerning woman deserves the ultimate in women’s shapewear, available only from n-fini™ shape.

• Shapewear bottoms in thigh shorts, capri length, and slimming pants
• Shapewear camisoles with bra support, underwire, and strapless styles
• Shapewear dresses for bra, torso, tummy, hip, and thigh slenderizing
Shapewear bodysuits with full cuts, thong cuts, and bra support
• Full range of womens shapewear sizes, from 0-30 and Small to 4X

Every woman deserves her very own womens shapewear.

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