Have you ever found yourself frustrated with a stubborn panty line or a sneaky bra strap showing under your dress? Have you ever stared at your bulging tummy and sucked it in, wishing for a slimmer body? Have you also avoided carbs so that you could slide into that gorgeous dress hanging gloomily in your closet? Do you need a post-pregnancy body lift to attend an event? If you have realized that diet plans are prolonged, and you cannot wait anymore to shed the pounds before putting on a trendy outfit, shaping shorts and strapless fitting bodysuits are here to support you. 

Shapewear underwear comes in a range of different forms, shapes, and sizes. Whether you wear a flared or a sheath dress, an open-back or a plunging neckline, you will easily find an option that suits your needs. There is a whole variety of strapless body shapewear, body suits, under-the-bra suits, and slip shaping shorts to choose from. The likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Padma Lakshmi all embrace shapewear all because they slim your waist and thighs, push your tummy in and smooth out under cloth lines.

Yet, if you have reservations about these miraculous slimming godsends, read on!

Myth: Shapewear Is Constraining And Uncomfortable.

Truth: The internet is rife with videos of women trying to squeeze into shapewear slips and shorts several sizes too small. You would think that shapewear dresses squish your internal organs. However, the truth is you need to find the right shape and size of shaping underwear. The way you cannot walk in a pair of shoes the wrong size, you will struggle to breathe and move in shapewear that is one size too small. Trying to size down will not get you any extra firmness, so make sure you get your measurements right before buying any shapewear.

Myth: The Fabric Of The Shapewear Will Cling To The Dress

Truth: The fabric of shapewear is smooth and untraceable under your dress. It comes from advanced textile technology to seamlessly tuck away all your odd flab and let your dress hang beautifully over it. The mixed textiles stretch smoothly with your body without creating any creases in your outfit.

Myth: Shapewear Dresses Are Only For Plus Size Women

Truth: Wearing shapewear does not cause weight loss because the fabric cannot make a part of your body disappear. It does not make you thin. It not only pushes in any unwanted fat while accentuating your natural form. This means that shapewear only creates a more evenly distributed shape. Shapewear celebrates and empowers women by making them feel confident with a more streamlined look. It is for women of every size wishing to look sleek with a tightened tummy and lifted breasts and buttocks.

Myth: Strapless Body Shapewear Will Roll Down, And Shorts Will Roll Up

Truth: Shapewear slips exist in many shapes, and you must choose one based on the kind of outfit you have to wear. It is essential to get your size right. Shapewear may ride up your legs if it is loose or even too tight. Strapless dresses may slip down if you wear a style that does not fit your body type. Size is key!

Myth: Shapewear Can Damage Your Skin

Truth: The fabric design is breathable and long-wear. Celebrities all over the world wear shapewear to all-day events such as the Golden Globe Awards. However, if you have sensitive skin, it may cause rashes. In that case, you should consult a pro on how long to wear it.

Myth: Shapewear Can Make You Sick

Truth: When pitted, shaping garments and corsets highlighted interesting results. While the only similarity between the two is that they are handy molding bodies, they are mostly incomparable. Corsets utilize metal bones and nipped inches off women’s waists. Modern shaping underwear mainly functions as flattening garments. They are breathable as well as stretchable. In fact, contemporary shapewear technology ensures that the garment exerts precisely the right amount of pressure and compression on your body to promote blood circulation and create a good posture.

Myth: Wearing Two Shapewear Dresses Will Make You Look Thinner

Truth: Shapewear suits and shorts come with varying degrees of control: light, medium, and firm. You can always choose which works for you. However, overlapping two pieces of shapewear does not double the firming power of the garments. Wearing two pieces will make you feel constrained and heavy.

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