Amidst the onslaught of new challenges, you find yourself adjusting to not only your baby’s needs, but also your own body requirements. Your internal organs were displaced, and your breasts, thighs, and stomach drastically changed in shape and size. While you may finally be getting the hang of how to fulfill your new responsibilities, it is only logical that you may require help in getting back into shape.

What you need is a bra that is functional and will help you regain your hourglass figure. You can achieve all this without the added burden of losing weight, following a strict diet plan, or resorting to cosmetic surgery. All you need is to know about types of bras that will make you feel super confident and unbelievably comfortable.

Exercise Bras

Many women are reluctant about picking nursing bras as the best option. Instead, many decide to forgo nursing bras in favor of stretchable and durable sports bras. Nursing bras are functional but fall short in elegance. Exercise bras, on the other hand, serve the function and are very trendy. Hence, new mothers that are style-conscious genuinely appreciate a sports bra.

Since these bras are for exercising, they offer maximum support. This is an excellent choice when your breasts have grown in size and have started sagging during the nursing period. The exercise bra allows you to get on with your everyday responsibilities unhindered. Additional advantages are that sports bras do not have underwires and can soak sweat, keeping you dry and fresh.

Bodysuit With Bra

Many women struggle with pelvic girdle pain after delivering their babies. This happens because the ligaments keeping the bones intact become stretched and weak after nine months of carrying a baby. If you are also struggling with back pain, you will need to give your muscles some support until they restore their former strength.

An excellent option to consider is a bodysuit with a built-in bra. A bodysuit with medium compression offers the most effective amount of support to your back muscles. With the underwire and extra support around the chest, your breast will no longer droop. Instead, they will perk up, leaving you feeling young and revitalized.

This kind of bodysuit-cum-bra will also tuck away loose skin and any additional flab that is dangling about your body. The bodysuit is sure to shape your body into seamless curves– it will help you rediscover your beauty. If you decide to go out to any event or to put on a slinky dress, do not let your post-partum dimensions faze you. Get a bodysuit with a bra from N-fini, and you will restore your natural balance.

Open Bust Bra Shaper

If a sports bra and padded bra are too much for your tender and swollen breasts to take, you can turn to the open bust bra shaper, also known as the ‘under the bra’ shaper. These come in two forms: as a shaper for the torso and as a bodysuit. While the sports bra offers maximum support, it might exert undue pressure on your breasts. 

The open breast shaper provides light support as well as a gentle lift. If you land on the right size, the under-the-bra shaper will tighten your chest just enough to give you a bit of a smooth cleavage. You can also enjoy the freedom of wearing a soft, comfortable cotton bra underneath that does not hurt your nipples. The open breast bra shaper is convenient because the open-top option allows you to breastfeed your baby quickly. Without the unnecessary hassle of undoing your bodysuit, you can feed your baby quickly. In addition, here is the great part: If you decide to go with a waist cincher or an attached bodysuit, you will have the added benefit of pelvic support while lifting your baby.

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